Kinds of Flat for Lease in Ottawa

Precisely what would be the differences between a niche business and a senior one-bedroom? A bend and a convertible three-bedroom two-bedroom? 

High-Rise Apartment

Additionally, several high-rise apartment houses function on-site administration team to work with you in case of a crisis.

Bachelor Apartment / Business Apartment

A niche bachelor (also known as a bachelor or convertible business) is generally designed within an L-shape having a specific region or space for eating or sleeping.

1-Bedroom Apartments

An one-bedroom apartment includes a family room, kitchen, toilet and another room designed with a built-in cabinet. Occupancy might frequently be restricted to a couple.

A senior one-bedroom often suggests an extra-large studio apartment that’s big enough to part off another room or room.

2-Bedroom Apartments

A complete two-bedroom house has two split up rooms along with a family room.

Likewise, a convertible three-bedroom (or ‘bend 3 ‘) is just a two-bedroom house that may be changed into 3 rooms.

These flats are well suited for students or roommates who do not need much in the manner of common living area.


An attic could be classified as a large, open-space with several inner walls. Often the end result from the industrial building having been changed into residential units, lofts frequently have uncovered plumbing pipes and columns and broadly speaking have high ceilings, extra-large windows.


A penthouse is generally considered to be very magnificent and can be an acutely attractive (although costly) spot to live.

Cellar House

A basement apartment is situated in the cheapest storey of the building, whilst the name suggests and is partly below-ground level. Correct ceiling level and windows are forced by city requirements. This kind of apartment may also make reference to the cellar on the home that’s been transformed into an apartment.

Duplex House

A duplex is definitely a house with two levels. This could incorporate a accurate bi-level apartment with an upstairs and down-stairs, or it could even be an open-space with an attic or mezzanine and an extra-high roof.

Porch / Terrace

Patio and the conditions porch in many cases are used interchangeably to point a railed system extending from the beyond the apartment.

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